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Welcome to the sandbox, a location to test your newfound wiki-editing abilities.

Please note that all contributions here may be deleted periodically and without warning.

In the computer world, a sandbox is a place to test and experiment -- essentially, it's a place to play.

This is the AoPSWiki Sandbox. Feel free to experiment here.

Warning: anything you place here is subject to deletion without notice.

Test 0

Firstly, AkshajK is awesome, and is editing this.

What is $\frac{(x+y)(2x-y)(y-x)^{2}}{(x-y)(x^{2}-y^{2})(2x-y)} ???$

\[x\] \[x\] What is $\frac{(x+y)(2x-y)(y-x)^{2}}{(x-y)(x^{2}-y^{2})(2x-y)} ???$ oh.. donnoo

Test 1

[asy]  dot((0,0)); dot((1,0)); dot((0,1)); dot((1,1)); dot((2,0)); dot((0,2)); dot((1,2)); dot((2,1)); dot((2,2)); dot((3,0)); dot((3,1)); dot((3,2)); dot((3,3)); dot((2,3)); dot((1,3)); dot((0,3)); dot((0,4)); dot((1,4)); dot((2,4)); dot((3,4)); dot((4,4)); dot((4,3)); dot((4,2)); dot((4,1)); dot((4,0)); dot((5,0)); dot((5,1)); dot((5,2)); dot((5,3)); dot((5,4)); dot((5,5)); dot((4,5)); dot((3,5)); dot((2,5)); dot((1,5)); dot((0,5)); dot((0,6)); dot((1,6)); dot((2,6)); dot((3,6)); dot((4,6)); dot((5,6)); dot((6,6)); dot((6,5)); dot((6,4)); dot((6,3)); dot((6,2)); dot((6,1)); dot((6,0)); dot((7,0)); dot((7,1)); dot((7,2)); dot((7,3)); dot((7,4)); dot((7,5)); dot((7,6)); dot((7,7)); dot((6,7)); dot((5,7)); dot((4,7)); dot((3,7)); dot((2,7)); dot((1,7)); dot((0,7)); draw((0,1)--(1,7),red); draw((1,7)--(7,6),red); draw((7,6)--(6,0),red); draw((6,0)--(0,1),red); draw((2,7)--(7,5),blue); draw((0,2)--(2,7),blue); draw((5,0)--(0,2),blue); draw((5,0)--(7,5),blue); draw((3,7)--(7,4),yellow); draw((7,4)--(4,0),yellow); draw((4,0)--(0,3),yellow); draw((0,3)--(3,7),yellow); draw((4,7)--(7,3),green); draw((7,3)--(3,0),green); draw((3,0)--(0,4),green); draw((0,4)--(4,7),green); draw((5,7)--(7,2),black); draw((7,2)--(2,0),black); draw((2,0)--(0,5),black); draw((0,5)--(5,7),black); draw((0,6)--(1,0),purple); draw((1,0)--(7,1),purple); draw((7,1)--(6,7),purple); draw((0,6)--(6,7),purple);  [/asy] awesome

Test 2


[asy]  dot((0,0)); dot((1,0)); dot((0,1)); dot((1,1)); dot((0,2)); dot((2,0)); dot((1,2)); dot((2,1)); dot((2,2)); dot((3,0)); dot((3,1)); dot((3,2)); dot((3,3)); dot((2,3)); dot((1,3)); dot((0,3));  [/asy]

Test 3

[asy] dot((0,0)); dot((0,4)); dot((3,4444)); dot((3,0)); dot((1.5,2)); draw((0,0)--(3,4444),green); draw((0,4)--(3,0),green); draw((0,0)--(0,4),red); draw((0,4)--(3,4),red); draw((3,0)--(3,4),red); draw((3,0)--(0,0),red); [/asy]

Test 4

[asy] import graph; draw(Circle((0,0),20)); // graph - Circle [/asy]

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