Avid Academy for Gifted Youth

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Summer Program

Avid Academy, which is based in Irvine, CA, offers summer day enrichment programs in science, mathematics, math olympiads, programming, robotics, and computational thinking. There are two locations: Northwood and UCI University Tower. Student age ranges from rising 1st grade to rising 11th grade, depending on the program. Sessions range from two weeks long to two months long, depending on the program. Some programs run every day; others run one or two days a week. Most classes run for 2-3 hours; some classes are semi-private classes.

Avid Academy

The Avid Academy for Gifted Youth provides after-school enrichment programs year-round, to help gifted and motivated students develop their skills in math, English, and the sciences.

More Information

You can find details about the Summer Program here: http://www.avidacademy.com/Summer

You can learn more about Avid Academy at http://www.avidacademy.com/.

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