Canadian Mathematical Olympiad

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The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) is, as its name implies, the national mathematical Olympiad of Canada. Participants are selected based on performance on the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) and/or the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Qualifying Repechage (CMOQR). The Olympiad is part of the selection process for the Canadian IMO team.

Canadian MO
Region: Canada
Type: Proof
Difficulty: 5.5 - 8
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problem 1: 5.5
Problem 2: 6
Problem 3: 6.5
Problem 4: 7-7.5
Problem 5: 7.5-8


Like most Olympiads, the CMO requires test-takers to write a well-written solution. Since 1979, there has been one paper of five questions (each worth 7 points) on each Canadian Olympiad, though there were 10 questions before that. Test-takers can only use writing utensils, rulers, and compasses on the test.