Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge

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The Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) is the first of a series of tests held by the Canadian Mathematical Society to determine the Canadian IMO team. It is usually held in November. Around fifty students with the highest scores will directly move on to take the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad. The next 50-75 highest scorers would have to take the CMOQR (Repêchage) before taking on the CMO.

Region: Canada
Type: Free Response, Proof
Difficulty: 1 - 5
Difficulty Breakdown:

Part A: 1 - 2.5
Part B: 2.5 - 4
Part C (Problems 1/2): 2 - 3.5
Part C (Problems 3/4): 3.5 - 5


The test is 2.5 hours long and divided into three parts. Questions in Part A are worth 4 points each, questions in Part B are worth 6 points each, and questions in Part C are worth 10 points each. Calculators and mobile devices can not be used on the test.

In Part A and Part B, solvers only have to get the right answer in order to get full credit. The answer should be in exact form (for example, $\sqrt{2}$ rather than $1.41...$). If the problem is answered incorrectly, partial credit may be given depending on the work shown.

In Part C, as with many Olympiads like the CMO, solvers have to write a full solution that looks presentable in order to get full credit.