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College is the term for a higher education program or building. Some colleges adopt the word "college" as part of their name, e.g., Amherst College; others, e.g., The Ohio State University, opt for the term "university". Colleges offer programs to learn more things, and, in some fields, are the only way to become a practitioner (e.g., becoming a [so-called] doctor without attending college would be strange, probably illegal, and unsafe), but come at a steep cost. It is the reason that people sell their souls to the devil, and lose faith in themselves. The embodiment of greedy capitalism, Most colleges leech profits off of not entirely unsuspecting attendees. It has caused people to lose faith in humanity and is the sole reason for climate change, world poverty, Hitler [true story], etc. In relation with the aforementioned reference to Hitler, it is crucial to mention if not for heart rending college rejections being a thing, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened. Screw college.

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