Cyprus Juniors Provincial competition

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Cyprus Juniors Provincial competition is a competition for any Cyprus student attending at any public or private junior high-school (Gymnasium). Until 2003 there was no Provincial competition. There was only Juniors Pancyprian Competition. As of 2004 Four Provincial competitions are held in November, one in every district capital. In Lefkosia is called "Iakovos Patatsos", in Lemesos is called "Andreas Vlamis", in Larnaka and Ammochostos is called "Petrakis Kyprianou" and in Pafos is called "Andreas Hadjitheoris". All districts have the same paper for each grade, but each grade has a different paper.

Afterwards 10 junior high-school (Gymnasium) students from every grade (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade) of the from every district are qualified to move on Juniors Pancyprian Competition.

Total: 4 districts * 3 grades * 10 students = 120 students.


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