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Right after the team round of the LMT, Clarke Youngins A was bored. Max Xu (westford_flying_fish) and Jeff Lin (Boxcars2015) were talking about some weird formulas on the team round and Andrew Zhao (ZhaoPow) was annoying Aidan Duncan (azduncan).
Aidan came up with an amazing formula during all of this madness. Dunan's theorem.
Dunan's theorem is used to find values of oof and welp where you know what rup
(Zhao was trying to write rip on ftw, but he wrote rup instead)
, scrun
(A bunch of clarke peoples were on FTW and zhao didnt want to join cuz it was rated and Aidan was trying to call him a scrub but he wrote scrun instead)
, and qelp
(for some reason bronzefur likes to say dat a lot)
Dunan's Theorem is this: <math>\frac{welp}{rup} = \frac{(oof^{(\frac{oof}{7})})qelp}{scrun!}</math>

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