Fundamental Theorem of Sato

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The Fundamental Theorem of Sato states the following:

Sato is amazing.


Method 1: Proof by Contradiction

Assume, for contradiction, that Sato is not amazing.

This is absurd. Therefore, Sato is amazing. (Proved)

Method 2: Proof by Authority

Whatever AoPS says is correct, and AoPS says that Mr. Sato is amazing. Thus, Mr. Sato is amazing. (Proved)

Method 3: Proof by Pigeonhole

There is only one Sato. By Pigeonhole, either Sato is amazing or he isn't (in this case, Sato goes in the unamazing pigeonhole). Fortunately, Sato cannot fit in a pigeonhole; hence, Sato is amazing. (Proved)

Method 4: Proof by Gmass

Gmass is Sato in cat form. Since Gmass is amazing, and since if $a=b$ and $b=c$, $a=c$, Sato is amazing.(Proved)

Method 5: Proof by oof

Sato knows the way of the oof. He knows how to oof every single problem given. Not even Gmaas can use the way of the oof, as Gmaas is too puny to know the way of the oof. Therefore, Sato is amazing. (Proved)

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