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[[Gmaasology]] is the study of [[Gmaas]]. [[Gmaas]] is the only known living being who has a PhD in [[Gmaasology]] EDIT: That's not consistent with the Sseraj page. [[Gmaasology]] is also one of the most eminent fields of science, falling behind [[Physics]], [[Biology]], [[Chemistry]], Economics, Geology, and Computer Programming. To start learning [[Gmaasology]], click this link: [[Gmaas]], and remember the facts about [[Gmaas]].
This article was raided because it had something to do with the hoax that is GMAAS. We will bring truth to all of these once falsehood pages!
[[Gmaasology]] has existed for much of human history. Here are a selection of historical events related to [[Gmaas]] and [[Gmaasology]] until the founding of the Interuniversal [[Gmaas]] Society:
This is definitely not a joke by SigmaPiE
c. 17,000-15,000 BC: The Lascaux cave paintings contain depictions of an omnipotent cat killing bison and humans alike. Some archaeologists have theorized that these paintings depict the great [[Gmaas]] himself.
c. 3000-1000 BC: Some Egyptologists suggest that the goddess Bastet, who was half human half cat, was [[Gmaas]] in disguise.
c. 400-800 AD: The Mayan city of Copán is the world center of [[Gmaasology]]. Most of the Gmaasological artifacts of the city can be seen in the Museum of [[Gmaas]] in New York City.
Many universities are beginning to offer classes in [[Gmaasology]], but the best place to study [[Gmaasology]] is the Interuniversal [[Gmaas]] Society, which was founded in 1314. This is a summary of the projects made by the Society since 1314, when it was founded: (Originally [[Gmaasology]] was called [[Gmaathamatics]].)
- 1314: Foundation of the National Gmaathematical Society of Florence.
- 1315 - 1498: Search for and copying of ancient and medieval manuscripts about [[Gmaas]].
- 1499: Move to France to a secret basement in François 1st's palace's basement.
- 1500: Renaming to the National Gmaathematical Society of Florence and France.
- 1501 - 1519: Collaboration with Leonardo Da Vinci, who, by the way, was NOT [[Gmaas]] in disguise.
- 1520: Move back to Florence.
- 1521: Move to Rome.
- 1522: Renaming of the Gmaathematical Society of Florence and France to the Gmaathematical Society of Florence, France, and the Papal States.
- 1523 - 1560: Search for ancient statues of [[Gmaas]] in the city of Rome.
- 1561 - 1565: Headquarters constructed in a secret basement under the Sistine Chapel.
- 1566 - 1575: Search in Italian libraries for manuscripts about [[Gmaas]].
- 1576 - 1591: Study of [[Gmaas]]'s reincarnating abilities.
- 1592 - 1601: Campaign to make [[Gmaathamatics]] the eight liberal art. This failed.
- 1602 - 1616: Many universities around Europe begin offering classes in [[Gmaathamatics]].
- 1617: Renaming of the Gmaathematical Society of Florence, France, and the Papal States to the Gmaathematical Society of Florence, France, the Papal States, Pisa, England, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, and Milan to honor the universities offering [[Gmaathamatics]] classes. It was also known as GMSFFPSPESHREM for short.
- 1618: The University of Prague starts teaching [[Gmaathamatics]], so GMSFFPSPESHREM is renamed GMSFFPSPESHREMB. (B stands for Bohemia.)
- 1619 - 1650: GMSFFPSPESHREMB writes a book about how [[Gmaas]] reincarnates. It is called "De Multis Vitis Gmaasium," or "On the Many Lives of [[Gmaas]]."
- 1651 - 1655: All European universities stop offering classes in [[Gmaathamatics]] because the immortality of [[Gmaas]] was contrary to the Bible.
- 1656: GMSFFPSPESHREMB is renamed "The Gmaathematical Society of Europe," abbreviated as GSE.
- 1657: The Gmaathematical Society of Europe moves its headquarters to Amsterdam.
- 1658 - 1675: The GSE amasses every object and text having to do with [[Gmaas]] or [[Gmaathamatics]]. This is the reason why [[Gmaas]] is no longer famous; every trace of his existence was acquired by the GSE.
- 1676 - 1686: The present life of [[Gmaas]] died, so the GSE spent ten years trying to track down his next reincarnation. That reincarnation was an ant, so he died. It took even longer for the GSE to find another reincarnation of [[Gmaas]].
- 1687: Renaming of the Gmaathematical Society of Europe to the Gmaathematical Society of the World.
- 1688 - 1701: The Gmaathematical Society of the World captures [[Gmaas]], who at that time was a dog, and runs experiments on him.
- 1702: The Gmaathematical Society of the World moves to the New World. It decides to move to San Juan, Puerto Rico, but it keeps a minor location in its former headquarters in Amsterdam.
- 1703 - 1730: The Gmaathematical Society of the World conducts archeological excavations of Mayan Temple where people worshiped [[Gmaas]]. The artifacts from the dig were sent to their headquarters in Puerto Rico, and the data about the excavation was copied and kept in San Juan and Amsterdam.
- 1731 - 1754: The Gmaathematical Society of the World excavates the Temple of [[Gmaas]] in Egypt. It opens a temporary minor location near the site.
- 1755: The minor locations in Egypt and in Amsterdam are closed. All the archaeological artifacts there are sent to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
- 1755 - 1763: The Seven Years War. The GSW frantically tries to move to Siberia, where it would be safe for the remainder of the war. Luckily, the GSW could save all of its thousands of artifacts, but many Gmaathmaticians died.
- 1764: The Gmaathematical Society of the World moves its headquarters back to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
- 1765: Closing of the facilities in Siberia.
- 1766: Opening of a minor location in Philadelphia.
- 1775 - 1783: During the American Revolution, the Gmaathematical Society of the World moves archaeological artifacts from San Juan and Philadelphia to a new minor location in Santa Fe, where they would be safe from the fighting.
- 1784: Some Gmaathamatical artifacts are moved back to Philadelphia and Santa Fe.
- 1784 - 1798: The [[Gmaas]] Exhibition at the minor location in Philadelphia brings in thousands of visitors from around the world. The exhibition contained the highlights of the GSW's archaeological excavations in Egypt and Mexico, medieval manuscripts about [[Gmaas]], Roman sculptures of [[Gmaas]], information about [[Gmaas]] and the GSW, and other objects.
- 1799: The [[Gmaas]] exhibition closes.
- 1800: The Gmaathematical Society of the World moves its headquarters from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the basement of the new Library of Congress in Washington D.C. It also closes its minor location in Philadelphia.
- 1801: The [[Gmaas]] University is founded in Georgetown, D.C.
- 1802 - 1811: The [[Gmaas]] exhibition opens in Washington D.C.
- 1812 - 1813: Because of the War of 1812, the [[Gmaas]] exhibition is moved to Santa Fe.
- 1814: Washington D.C. is burnt to the ground by the British. Most Gmaasologists die in the fire. The [[Gmaas]] University luckily survives destruction.
- 1815 - 1819: The headquarters of the GSE is reconstructed under the Library of Congress.
- 1820: The [[Gmaas]] University moves to a bigger campus in New York City. Seneca Village was built on top a few years later to disguise the university.
- 1821 - 1832: Excavation of the Temple of [[Gmaas]] in Thessaly, Greece.
- 1833 - 1840: The [[Gmaas]] exhibition goes on tour throughout Europe.
- 1840: The GSE opens a minor location in Paris, France.
- 1841 - 1854: Excavation of the Temple of [[Gmaas]] near Angkor Wat. The temple is dismantled and reconstructed in a large room in the [[Gmaas]] University in New York City.
- 1855 - 1858: Seneca Village is destroyed to build Central Park. The GSE sinks the [[Gmaas]] University 30 ft below ground level and filled it with dirt. The university temporarily sets itself up in a mansion in downtown Manhattan, and the university's artifacts are placed into storage in basement of the townhouse.
- 1859: The minor location in Philadelphia is closed.
- 1860: A new minor location opens on the outskirts of Springfield, Massachusetts.
- 1861 - 1869: The GSE excavates the Roman Temple of [[Gmaas]] in Pompeii.
- 1870: The GSE is renamed the Universal [[Gmaas]] Society due to contact with extraterrestrials.
- 1871 - 1953: The Universal [[Gmaas]] Society begins preparations to build a nuclear fusion reactor to sustainably power its research to help find the remaining bibles of [[Gmaas]].
- 1912 - 1914: As the World prepares for war, the Universal [[Gmaas]] Society is afraid about the possibility of disaster. The Society opens minor locations in Bogota, Colombia; and Sydney, Australia and start moving archaeological artifacts there.
- 1915: The Universal [[Gmaas]] Society closes its minor location in Dresden, Germany after all European Gmaasological artifacts are moved to England, the United States, Canada, and Australia.
- 1916: The Universal [[Gmaas]] Society closes its facilities in London, England and moves the storage and offices in that facility to a minor location in Sydney, Australia.
- 1917: The sinking of the ship Lusitania killed several eminent Gmaasologists, who were going to France to bring back a medieval statue of [[Gmaas]] that was buried near a battlefield.
- 1918 - 1927: Reconstruction and documentation of [[Gmaasology]] lost in WW1.
- 1928: The Canadian branch of the Universal [[Gmaas]] Society moves from Ottawa to Vancouver.
- 1929 - 1938: Documenting the life of [[Gmaas]], who at that time was a hobo cat.
- 1939 - 1945: Effort to move all [[Gmaas]] related materials to the United States, Colombia, Canada, and Australia. The minor location in Paris, France remains open during the war. It helped with the evacuation of Gmaasological artifacts and civilians.
- 1946 - 1958: Reconstruction of primary and secondary sources lost in WW2.
- 1959: Opening of minor location of the Interuniversal [[Gmaas]] Society in Trenton, New Jersey. Reopening of the minor location in Paris, France.
- 1960 - 1998: Survey and mapping of [[Gmaas]]'s 314,159,265 catfish lives.
- 1999: Renaming of The Universal [[Gmaas]] Society to the Interuniversal [[Gmaas]] Society because of increased confidence in the multiverse theory.
- 2000 - 2005: Reconstruction of Newton's Principia Mathematica Gmaasis. (In English, The Mathematical Principles of [[Gmaas]].)
- 2006: Debate on whether to rename [[Gmaathamatics]] Gmaasology or [[Gmaas]] Studies. Gmaasology won.
- 2007: Construction of the Building of [[Gmaasology]] at Harvard.
- 2008 - 2015: Completion of twenty comprehensive biographies, each detailing a life of [[Gmaas]].
- 2016 - 2018: Reconstruction of the lost book of Lucretius's De Rerum Natura about [[Gmaas]]. This was made possible by the discovery of the missing pages of the original manuscript in Pompeii.
- 2019: The burning of Notre Dame causes many of [[Gmaas]]'s bibles to be burnt. Immediate recovery is staged. Luckily, most of [[Gmaas]]'s bibles are located in the United States. The Interuniversal [[Gmaas]] Society is considering moving its headquarters from the basement of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. to Anchorage, Alaska, where it would have more room for offices and to display its collection of [[Gmaas]]-related artifacts. The Society also plans to close its minor locations in Trenton, New Jersey; Springfield, Massachusetts; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Vancouver, British Columbia; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia; Bogota, Colombia; and New York City, New York. These locations will be sold. The revenue from these sales will be used to buy land in Anchorage, Alaska and to build a large building on top of it. The Society is also looking for [[Gmaas]], who could help the Society with its construction bills. In the meantime, the Interuniversal Gmaas Society is establishing an online presence in [https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/c562043_the_interuniversal_gmaas_society this forum].
- 2020  [[Gmaas]] is making new bibles to replace the old ones that were burnt in the Notre Dame burning. [[Gmaas]] also escapes to the moon to create his new bibles in peace.
-2020 : [[Gmaas]] completed <math>\infty</math> lifetimes. Gmaas is now living Gmass' <math>\infty+1</math>th lifetime. Please be informed that this is Gmass' Math. Don't question it.
- 2021 [[Gmaas]] has now achieved his <math>\infty^\infty</math>th lifetime. Again, the above applies. Also, the reason he gained lives so fast is because [[Gmaas]]. Plus [[Gmaas]] is living every life, while only living one. That is [[Gmaas]]'s secret on gaining lives.
- April 28, 2021 [[Gmaas]] has now proven himself superior to every single religion. He has also achieved all the gods to bow down to him, and beat them at every single game in one move each, for each and every god. Richard Rusczyk and KK-butter have also been found to be 50% [[Gmaas], 50% Human.

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This article was raided because it had something to do with the hoax that is GMAAS. We will bring truth to all of these once falsehood pages!

This is definitely not a joke by SigmaPiE

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