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=== List of Categories ===
=== List of Categories ===
Category:Academic Resources
[http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Wiki/index.php/Special:Categories Here] is the official list of categories.
Category:Art of Problem Solving
Category:Mathematics competitions
Category:Mathematics Education
== Templates ==
== Templates ==

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A category is a page where all articles with a similar theme are listed. An example is Category:Stubs. All articles that were categorized with the {{stub}} formatting will be in this category. To directly add a page to a category, use the [[Category:Insert Category]] code. This page, for example, displays the [[Category:AoPSWiki]] code at the bottom.

List of Categories

Here is the official list of categories.


A template is a page anyone can create. An example template is Template:Stub. If someone creates an article that belongs in a certain category, they can add the template name for that category by adding the template name in double brackets at the bottom of the page, like so: Template:Category name. For example, this page has the the template {{Tutorial}} at the bottom of the page.

List of Templates



How to Create a Template

To create a template, which we will call "Sample" for the purposes of this tutorial, first navigate to the page Template:Sample. Edit the page, then add the following text (anything in bold can be changed):

This article is a sample. It's purpose is to do this and that and this that.

<noinclude>''This template will categorize articles that include it into [[:Category:Samples]].''</noinclude>


Now, whenever you add the code {{sample}} at the end of an article, it will display the text "This article is a sample. It's purpose is to do this and that and this that. Also, the page Category:Samples will be automatically created. Any pages tagged with {{sample}} will automatically be added to Category:Samples.

This article is a tutorial about the AoPSWiki or AoPS Forum.

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