Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts

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The Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts (Called IMLEM by participators) is an annual middle school competition consisting of five different meets each year. Each meet has five individual rounds, and one team round. Each competitor has three pre-chosen categories (rounds), which are either Mystery, Geometry, Number Theory, Arithmetic, and/or Algebra. Each category has three questions, which you are given 10 minutes to do. Each question is worth 2 points, so the maximum number of points an individual could get is $6\timest3=18$ (Error compiling LaTeX. ! Undefined control sequence.) points. There are 10 individuals on a team. For the team round, the teams of 10 each get 15 minutes to do 6 problems, which are each 6 points. The max number of points possible for a team to get is $216$, and has only been achieved once (By Lexington-Clarke) in 2011. Previous competitions are on the IMLEM website. Teams usually compete in groups of 5.

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