K-12 Proofs and Comments

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Here I give proofs of many theorems used in K-12 Math classes. Just some food for thought!

As a warning, I do not use induction anywhere. Students who know induction can replicate these proofs for the countably infinite case. I simply stick with "ABCDEF is a 6-digit number" and construct a proof for only 6 digit and fewer-digit numbers. Since 7-digit numbers are rarely used in class, I stand my assertion that these are "proofs of many theorems used in K-12 Math classes." :)

Thank You AoPS for giving me a place to put this wonderful knowledge.

And now to work: (PaC = Proofs and Comments)

PaC on Axioms of Algebra

PaC on Divisibility Rules

PaC on Polynomials

PaC on Radicals and Roots

PaC on the Zero Theorem

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