Luke zhang

Luke Zhang is a 9th grader who actually sucks at math but still does math competitions for fun. He usually scores 90-105 on practice AMC 10s and 3-6 on practice AIMEs. However, he is the best math-wise in his school except for maybe a few other people, like [url=]pandyhu2001[/url]. He can be easily beaten by just about any AoPSer because of his low math skills.

Competition experience: Mathcounts (7th and 8th grade) Nothing else AMC 10 (he will take it soon) AIME (if he can qualify)

Contest Scores:

  • Mathcounts State 2017: 20 (14+6)
  • Mathcounts State 2018: 26 (16+10)
  • Mathcounts National 2018: 18 (10+8)
  • AMC 10A 2019: 94.5 (mocking, didn't officially take)
  • AMC 10B 2019: 97.5
  • AMC 10A 2020: 105 (AIME Qual)
  • AMC 12B 2020: 91.5 (unconfirmed, but AIME Qual if confirmed)
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