MathCON is a nonprofit national mathematics organization recognized for its annual student mathematics competition for grades 5-12, with more than 200,000 student participants since 2008. Last year alone, 50,000 students participated and 576 advanced to finals in Chicago, Illinois!

MathCON gives students the opportunity to compete against other students (in their own grades) across the nation! Your student(s) will be competing with more than 50,000 students from 400+ schools, as students did last year, during the online MathCON competition! About 1 percent of students who participate in the online competition will advance to finals in Chicago, IL, where many of students have received scholarships and recognition within their schools and communities!

MathCON is a national competition that gives students across the nation the opportunity to excel their mathematics interest and education, as well as earn scholarship opportunities.

MathCON is a two part math competition; the first part takes place online (each student receives their own username & password to take the test after your school registers) and can be administered to your students anytime between January 22 and March 1, 2018. The online test is timed with 45 minutes with 45 questions.

If the student meets the minimum scoring requirement, the student will advance to part two of the competition, which is Finals. Finals has a written test that is taken, consisting of 50 questions in 70 minutes, on-site at the UIC Forum in Chicago, Illinois on May 5, 2018.

MathCON also has support and participation from academic scholars across the nation including Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin and prestigious universities across the country as well as support from middle and high schools nationwide. MathCON competition gives students exposure to a diverse mathematics competition and future opportunities within the universities.

Now that you have the facts...sign up for MathCON with our new discount code that you can apply at the register! Use "mathcon2018" to get a discounted rate of $150!

Registration Registration is open to all public, private, charter and home-schooled students. One school registration includes an unlimited number of students that compete individually (not as a team), OR register a single student as an individual. Online testing begins January 22, 2018 and ends March 2, 2018.

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