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MathPath is a mathematics summer program for students aged eleven through fourteen lasting four weeks. A qualifying quiz is necessary to gain admission. MathPath is centered around mathematical exploration. It is generally located in a different college campus each year, and the fee is an amount from $3000-$4500 depending on the income of the applicant's family.

Typical day

7:45 Breakfast
8:15 History of Mathematics
9:30 Breakout Session (Small group topics such as Rubik's cube group theory, number theory, etc)
10:30 Visiting Speaker Lecture
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Free Time
2:30 Breakout Session
3:45 Problem Solving Session (Ranges from MathCounts, AMC, AIME, approaching Pre-Olympiad)
5:00 Wrap-up, Announcements, Problem of the Day
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Relatively Silent Sustained Mathematics (RSSM)
7:30 Recreational activities (soccer, swimming, tennis, etc)
9:30 Shower, Dorm Meetings
10:30 Lights out


George Rubin Thomas founded MathPath in 2002 as a math program for students aged 11 to 15. The name MathPath was suggested by Professor John Conway, who has been a guest lecturer at the camp since 2002.

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