Math Day at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Math Day at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (also known as UNL Math Day) is an annual math contest in Lincoln, Nebraska, typically held on a Thursday in November with approximately 1500 Nebraska high school (and middle school) students participating. There are three competitions: Math bowl, Probe I exam, and Probe II exam. Scholarships and trophies are awarded to the best performers.

Math bowl

Participating schools are divided into six classes depending on size. Each class has a double-elimination tournament where students must answer math questions as quickly as possible. The top three schools in each class are awarded trophies.

Probe I exam

All participants take the Probe I exam. It is a 25-question, 60-minute multiple choice exam. Each question has answer choices A through E. 4 points are awarded for a correct answer, 0 for an incorrect answer, and 1 for a question left blank. The top 40 scorers on Probe I are invited to take the Probe II exam.

Probe II exam

Probe II is a 6-question, 60-minute essay/proof-based exam. Each question is worth 20 points. The top ten Probe students (sum of I and II) are awarded scholarships to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



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