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* [http://www.ommenlinea.org/?page_id=65 Official Site (in Spanish)]
* [http://www.ommenlinea.org/?page_id=65 Official Site with Past Problems (in Spanish)]
* [https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/c3344_mexico_national_olympiad AOPS Community]
* [https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/c3344_mexico_national_olympiad AOPS Community]

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The Mexico National Olympiad (also known as the Concurso Nacional) is a national math contest held in Mexico. The top six scorers per Mexican state of the OMM Final Exam are able to take the test. High scorers get trained to take on harder competitions like the IMO and the Central American Olympiad.


The test is covered in two sessions. Each session has three problems that must be finished in 4.5 hours, and each problem is worth 7 points. Complete solutions must be written in order to get credit.


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