Mill's Constant

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Mill's Constant is defined as the smallest real number $\theta$ such that $\lfloor\theta^{3^n}\rfloor$ is always a prime number for all natural n.

$\lfloor\theta^{3^n}\rfloor$ is the prime number theorem where $n$ can be any number and $\theta$ is an element from an set of numbers (that may be rational or irrational, and we are not sure) and Mill's Constant is the smallest element in that set. If the Riemann Hypothesis is true, Mill's constant is approximately $1.3063778838630806904686144926...$ and the primes it generates start as $2, 11, 1361, 2521008887, 16022236204009818131831320183,$ $4113101149215104800030529537915953170486139623539759933135949994882770404074832568499, ...$.

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