National Internet Math Olympiad

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The National Internet Math Olympiad (NIMO) is a team-based series of online math tests for high school students. It is organized by Evan Chen.


Online Math Open

The Online Math Open (OMO) is a math Olympiad held in fall and spring. There are 30 questions (each worth 1 point), and each answer is a nonnegative integer less than or equal to $2^{31} - 1 = 2147483647$. The test lasts for 12 days. The only electronic math tool allowed is a four-function calculator.

NIMO Summer Contest

The NIMO Summer Contest is another online contest where each question is worth the respective question’s number points. Solvers can not return to a problem when a problem is skipped.

NIMO Monthly Contest

The NIMO Monthly Contest has 8 questions that must be solved in 40 minutes. Solvers can submit up to 3 attempts.

As of 2018, the NIMO Monthly Contest has been discontinued.


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