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NIMO is the National Internet Mathematics Olympiad. (Idea developed by ''isabella2296'' and site hosted by ''Dojo'') Debuting in 2009, NIMO is supported by 5 well known AoPS users - specifically:
#REDIRECT [[National Internet Math Olympiad]]
''AIME15, Dojo, dragon96, isabella2296, and Mewto55555''
The annual tests for 9th graders or below are also helped written by the AoPS users:
''DeltaX and pythag011''
There is also a user, ''ylx'', that we do not know of having an AoPS account. The AoPS subforum is located [http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/index.php?f=581 here]. Read more about the competition and be a cyber pioneer today, at:
[http://www.cyneer.com www.cyneer.com]

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