North Dakota MathCounts

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North Dakota Chapter Competitions

Since presumably the beginning of ND Mathcounts to unknown year, there were roughly 50 North Dakota Chapter competitions, one for each county. Each county would send the top two participants to state.

After unknown year, North Dakota Chapter competitions were changed to a way that has two rounds, making ND probably the only state with two rounds to the chapter competition. The first round is the county round. The top two teams, and the top eight individuals not on those two teams advance. The second round is regionals. There are ten regions, with an average of five counties in a region. Top two teams, and top eight individuals in each region move on to state, making 160 people at state.

North Dakota National Team Placement

2017: 54th

2018: 50th

2019: 40th

North Dakota Individuals

The top placement of each year, and top 100 finishes that are known will be put here.

1989: ?(Something in top 100), ?, ?, ?

1990: Clint Severance(89th), ?, ?, ?

2017: Nolan Severance-R5 (181st), Dennis Du-R1 (182nd), Emily Gao-R5, Dylan Rauum-R1

2018: Nolan Severance-R5 (85th), Rick Peng-R5, Alex Rud-R5, Louie Rue-R8

2019: Nolan Severance-R5 (24th), Dylan Raumm-R1, Patrick Shen-R5, Rick Peng-R5

National Team Coach

2016: Discovery Middle School, ?-R5

2017: Discovery Middle School, Marilyn Capouch-R5

2018: Horizon Middle School, Linda Kaiser-R8

2019: Schroeder Middle School, Deb Boucher-R1

State Winners

2017: Dylan Rauum-R1

2018: Nolan Severance-R5

2019: Nolan Severance-R5

Countdown Winners

In North Dakota countdown is unofficial, and done in a tournament of the top 8 written test scores.

2017: Krishna Kamalakannan-R5

2018: Sameer Colbert-R5

2019: Nolan Severance-R5