OMM Semifinal Exam

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The OMM Semifinal Exam (also known as Examen Semifinal) is the second of three tests of the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad at state level in Mexico. Participants take the test by scoring high in the OMM Elimination Exam. Top scorers move on to take the OMM Final Exam.

OMM Semifinal
Region: Mexico
Type: Proof
Difficulty: 2-4
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problem 1-2: 2-3
Problem 3-5: 3-4
Based on tests before 2016.


The exam has six questions that must be solved in four hours. The six questions are free response and require explained reasoning. Calculators are not allowed in the exam as well.

Past Tests

Note: All of the problems and solutions are in Spanish.

Problems Solutions
2016 Test 2016 Test Solutions
2015 Test 2015 Test Solutions
2014 Test 2014 Test Solutions
2013 Test 2013 Test Solutions
2012 Test 2012 Test Solutions
2011 Test 2011 Test Solutions
2010 Test 2010 Test Solutions
2009 Test 2009 Test Solutions
2008 Test 2008 Test Solutions
2007 Test 2007 Test Solutions
2006 Test 2006 Test Solutions
2005 Test 2005 Test Solutions
2004 Test 2004 Test Solutions
2003 Test 2003 Test Solutions
2002 Test 2002 Test Solutions
2001 Test 2001 Test Solutions
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