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[size=150]A Comprehensive List of Physics Olympiad Resources[/size]

[b]Introductory Physics Books[/b] [list] [*] [b][url=]Conceptual Physics[/url][/b] by Paul G. Hewitt (Algebra-based). A comprehensive book on algebra-based physics. Good for people who haven't had exposure to calculus yet. [*][b][url=]Physics for Scientists and Engineers[/url][/b] by Randall D. Knight (Calculus-based). [*] [b][url =]Fundamentals of Physics[/url][/b] by Halliday Resnick Walker (Calculus-based). Easier version of Halliday Resnick Krane (HRK, see below). [*] [b][url=]Physics[/url][/b] by Halliday Resnick Krane (Calculus-based) Harder version of HRW with about 1/3 more harder material added to each chapter. Previous editions were edited by former USAPhO coach. This book covers almost all the material required for physics olympiads and is recommended by many coaches and teachers alike. [/list]

[b]Subject Specific Books[/b] [list] [*] [b][url=]Introduction to Electrodynamics[/url][/b] by David J. Griffiths. [*] [b][url=]Electricity and Magnetism[/url][/b] by Purcell and Morin. [*] [b][url =]An Introduction to Classical Mechanics[/url][/b] by David Morin. [*] [b][url=]An Introduction to Mechanics[/url][/b] by Kleppner and Kolenkow. [*] [b][url=]Optics[/url][/b] by Eugene Hecht. [*] [b][url=]Concepts in Thermal Physics[/url][/b] by Stephen J. Blundell, Katherine M. Blundell. [*] [b][url=]Modern Physics[/url][/b] by Kenneth S. Krane. [*] [b][url=]Thermodynamics[/url][/b] by Enrico Fermi. [*] [b][url=]Vibrations and Waves[/url][/b] by A.P French. [*] [b][url=]Thermal Physics[/url][/b] by Daniel Schroeder. [*] [b][url=] Concepts of Modern physics[/url][/b] by Beiser. [*] [b][url= ]Fluid mechanics[/url][/b] by Frank White. [*] [b][url=]Introduction Quantum Mechanics[/url][/b] by David Griffiths. This book contains a brilliant discussion of quantum mechanics in a very approachable and keen way.

[/list] [b]Problem Books/Handouts[/b] [list] [*] [b][url=]Thinking Physics[/url][/b] by Lewis Carroll Epstein (a book of conceptual problems for beginners and intermediate-levels) [*] [b][url=]Problems and Solutions in Introductory Mechanics[/url][/b] by David Morin (A good book for preparing to the F=ma exam and for practicing basic mechanics) [*] [b][url=]200 Puzzling Physics Problems[/url][/b] by Gnadig (USAPhO / IPhO level problems) [*] [b][url=]200 More Puzzling Physics Problems[/url][/b] by Peter Gnadig. [*] [b][url=]300 Creative Physics Problems with Solutions[/url][/b] by Holics (USAPhO / IPhO level problems) [*] [b][url=]Physics to a Degree[/url][/b] by Thomas and Raine (USAPhO / IPhO level problems) [*] [b][url=]Thinking Like a Physicist[/url][/b] by Thompson (USAPhO / IPhO level problems) [*] [b][url=]Pathfinder for Olympiad & JEE:Physics[/url][/b] by Arwind Tiwari/Sachin Singh. [*] [b][url=]Problems in General Physics[/url][/b] by I.E Irodov. [*] [b][url=]Aptitude Test Problems in Physics[/url][/b] by S.S Krotov. [*] [b][url=]Jaan Kalda's Handouts[/url][/b] by Jaan Kalda (IPhO Level Problems) [*] [b][url=]Solutions to Jaan Kalda's Handouts[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Lagrangian Mechanics in Action[/url][/b] by AstrapiGnosis [*] [b][url=]F=ma Solutions Manual[/url][/b] by Branislav Kisaˇcanin and Eric K. Zhang. [*] [b][url=]Physics Olympiad - Basic to Advanced Exercises[/url][/b] by The Committee Of Japan Physics Olympiad Japan [*] [b][url=]Competitive Physics: Mechanics and Waves[/url][/b] by Wang and Ricardo [*] [b][url=]Competitive Physics: Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism and Relativity[/url][/b] by Wang and Ricardo. [*] [b][url=]Feynman's Lectures on Physics[/url][/b]. [/list]

[b]List of Physics Contests[/b] [list] [*] [b][url=]OPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Rudolf Ortvay Competition in Physics[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]EuPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]F=ma Exam[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]USAPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Physics Bowl[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Sir Isaac Newton Exam[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]FYKOS Internet Physics Competition[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]BAUPC[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]NBPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]IPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Physics Cup[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]INPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]HKPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]IZhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]APhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]BPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url= ]Pan Pearl River Delta Physics Olympiad[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]AuPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Princeton University Physics Competition[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Gulf Physics Olympiad [/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Online Physics Brawl[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]TJPhO[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]The University Physics Competition[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]ThWorldCup[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]PUEC[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]JPhO[/url][/b] (in Japanese)


[b]Other Resources[/b] [list] [*] [b][url=]Physics Olympiad Discord Server[/url][/b]. [*] [b][url=]Quantum Magazine[/url][/b]. [*] [b][url=]Upgrade Your Physics[/url][/b] by BPhO. [*] [b][url=]MIT OCW 8.01[/url][/b] (Classical Mechanics) [*] [b][url=]MIT OCW 8.02[/url][/b] (Electricity and Magnetism) [*] [b][url=]Physics WOOT[/url][/b] created by AoPS. [*] [b][url=]F=ma Problem Series Class[/url][/b] created by AoPS. [*] [b][url=]Kevin Zhou's Tutoring Program[/url][/b] (high level) [*] [b][url=]AwesomeMath Physics Classes[/url][/b]. [*] [b][url=]Isaac Physics[/url][/b]. [*] [b][url=]Everaise Academy Physics Classes[/url][/b] (these are free, directed to people who are starting physics competitions) [*] [b][url=]Physics Olympiad Hub[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]Leonard Susskind - Modern Physics: Special Relativity Video Lectures[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]NPTEL Waves and Oscillations[/url][/b] [*] [b][url=]AoPS Physics Forums[/url][/b] :P [/list]

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