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Texas Mathworks offers a number of summer math programs at Texas State University: a Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC, both half-day and residential options), a Mathworks Math Contest, and a Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC).


The half-day JSMC is a 2-week program that is held during San Marcos High School in 2014. It is open to 180-200 students each summer; the age ranges from rising 4th grade to rising 8th grade.. The tuition is $345 and there are need-based scholarships. There are five levels of classes for students

The residential Junior Summer Math Camp (JSMC) is a 2-week program for students currently in 6-8th grade. The program costs $1,200 in summer 2016, with scholarships based on need. The daily program runs from 7:15 (breakfast) until 10:30 (lights out), with class in the morning, problem session in the afternoon, and study group in the evening. There are 40 openings each year.


The HSMC is a 6-week-long residential math summer program for high school students. Students currently in the 9th and 10th grade are encouraged to apply for the first-year program; other students may be admitted in exceptional cases. The tuition is $3,200, with scholarships based on need. The program runs from 7am (breakfast) until 10pm, with classes in the morning, problem session or more classes in the afternoon, and study group in the evenings. Subjects include combinatorics, analysis I, analysis II, number theory, and abstract algebra, depending on which year you are in. First year students work on problem sessions and mathematica lab, and second- and third-year students work on research projects as well.