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ELIGIBILITY. Math-by-Mail competition is an individual contest run by the UAB Department of Mathematics and designed to test logical thinking and depth of understanding of mathematics by high school students. The contest is open to all high school students from participating schools. PRIZES AND CEREMONY. One first prize ($60 and trophy), onetwo second prizes ($40 and a trophy) and some third prizes ($20 and an award diploma) will be handed out (since awards/prizes to individuals are reportable annually by UAB to the IRS, cash prize-winners will have to have a valid U.S. federal tax identification number, will need to fill out W-9/W-8 form prior to receiving cash prizes, and will need to report prizes on their tax returns). All other participants will receive certificates honoring their participation. The school with the best overall performance will be awarded the UAB traveling Math trophy. Prize winners will be invited to an awards ceremony at UAB on Friday, April 11. Parents and teachers will also be invited. The program will feature awards presentation and refreshments. RULES AND JUDGING. Math-by-Mail contest is an individual contest. Students must solve problems on their own. All solutions must be selfcontained; no references to facts and mathematical results beyond the high school standard curriculum are permitted (nor will they be necessary). The explanations must be detailed and thorough, all answers must be explained and justified! Professors of the Department of Mathematics at UAB will judge the entries and evaluate your reasoning process and method of finding the solution. Criteria will include correctness and elegance of solutions. The decision of the judges is final. The entries will not be returned. FORMAT AND CONTACTS. The participating schools will receive problems and cover sheets before or on Monday, March 10. On Monday, March 10 the problems and cover sheets should be made available to the students. Every participant must submit a filled copy of the cover sheet; each solution must be written on a separate sheet of paper with the student name and the school name on it. The entries must be postmarked no later than Monday, March 24, and mailed to: UAB Math-by-Mail Contest c/o Dr Alexander Blokh Department of Mathematics, UAB 1300 University Blvd, CH 452 Birmingham AL 35294-1170 For additional information you can contact by electronic mail at