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For privacy, I will not expose my name here(for now). I am a rising senior in Edina, Minnesota. I have been a member of AOPS since 2005(early 2005, my sophmore year). My math accomplishments pale to many here but AOPS is my way of fixing that (I hope, it's worked pretty well so far).

I had planned to spend my summer reading and going to camp(RSI), but it seems that AOPS Wiki will replace much of that reading time. This is sort of addictive :P.


1) Pigeonhole Principal(added problem from Japan 1997) 2) SUMaC whole thing so far) 3) Greedy Algorithm under Bruteforce 4) Isoperimetric Inequality under Geometric Inequalities --Agolsme 16:48, 18 June 2006 (EDT)