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Hi, everyone! My name is Hulin (but I go by Andrew), and I am a junior at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. I previously lived in Waterloo, Ontario (2011 to 2012) and Munster, Indiana (2004 to 2011), but I was born in East St. Louis (which is in Illinois, not Missouri) and lived there until 2004.


I have several Facebook accounts, none of which are under my real name; my primary account is located here. You may also private message me here, and you may also contact me at my primary email, (but please limit to important matters) and


Check out my blog, and please adhere to the anti-spam policy. (to be posted later)

AoPS Wiki

I created the articles AwesomeToad, The Ross Program, PROMYS, 2011 AMC 10A, and 2011 AIME I.

AoPS Community

I am moderator of the Indiana and Alcumus forums. More will be added here later.

What to Call Me

I have gone by AwesomeToad, AT, Toad, toady, toadie, todie, and toed. You may address me by my first name, if you would like, in chat, unless many people are around. Please do not call attention to my identity otherwise as that is a violation of the AoPS Terms of Service.

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