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Hi and this is my wiki. Feel free to edit and it play around on it and then get reported. I used to bomb my rating but I gave up after being trolled by a bunch of other bombers so that ended my quest to get a negative rating which was stopped at the awesome rating of 699, barely under the 700 mark like a boss. And no my real name is definitely not Bob it shall remain a secret to the people who know it... Here's the list-(you better not try to ask them to find my real name) epicadam, feastdan1, bozghaleh1, DevonW, dodobird12345, awesomemath123, promathist99, AkshajK, GoldenRatioPhi, Yizbenlazzer, va2010, david_sun, ws5188, ss5188, and a bunch of other people I'm forgetting...derp I live in a country I'm not telling you and a state I'm not telling you...go find out for yourself. My favorite number is Phi cause it is just so awesome. I also love Typerracer cause it makes me type faster on FTW although sometimes I just type too fast and make typos!! Here is my advice: If you want to be good at FTW do tons of alcumus because it lets you see a ton of the FTW questions so you can get them in 2 seconds(provided you do not make typos like me). Mem games are pretty fun and you can get rating by beating higher rated players as it is more time focused. Herpdy derp!!! Feel free to make my wiki more awesomer.

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