centslordm has a spam blog that was originally meant for actual quality until he added a billion contributors. everything devolved from there. it now has ~16k visits.

centslordm has 4k upvotes. he is one of the elite few who have 4k+ upvotes.

centslordm postfarmed to 1000 posts. he now welp

centslordm AIME qualled in 6th grade, with a score of 105. he cheesed by doin 15 problems correctly while leaving 10. he hopes to change that this year. LOL

centslordm has over 3000 friends on AOPS

centslordm Is known by pretty much everyone on AOPS

centslordm wastes time a lot. the ultimate procrastinator.

centslordm has over 2000 posts

centslordm is the ULTIMATE simp. Visit his second blog for CSS:

centslordm has his own forum, EMNC. it is currently in the top 20 forums.

centslordm speedran minecraft in 2nd grade. it took him 3 days, and he played for ~1 hr and 15 min a day. So, he beat minecraft in 3 hrs and 45 minutes then.

centslordm came up with his username in 2nd grade, too. "CentsLord" was a unique and cool name, and it still is. However, the letter "m" was added unto the username while making the AoPS account as Monika had tampered with the interface and insisted on having her initial in centslordm's username.

centslordm is actually Dream in disguise.

Who is Dream? I never dreamed of him...get it? Because whoever that is, is named Dream. :P

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