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Hi there! This is just to see how (poor) I am in terms of popularity. If this is your first time looking at my user page, then please edit it by increasing the user count by one.


thx MRENTHUSIASM for the inspiration. Check him out!

Contributions (aka /textbf power)

Currently trying to change all the old (around 2000-2010) AMC 10 past contests to make them look better (literally just /textbf-ing, kind of boring but I do enjoy!) So don’t be surprised if you see me often on Toolbox-Recent changes! (that’s prob why u are here but still)


A 14 years old guy that struggles to enter AIME lol

Yeah that’s pretty much all I guess. Oh also Gene (also Carl)/Scabbs (Quest)/Logbait/Far Future ❤️

(4 favourite things in 4 favourite video games btw, second’s harder to guess)


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This is my user talk page if u want to talk to me. (Why tho)

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