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Yello. Call me Red.

About knittingfrenzy18


I call myself a Jack of all trades, master of none. Things I do include playing cello, knitting, doing math, doing computer programming, running cross-country, learning languages, speedcubing, crocheting, speedpainting, and composing/arranging music. This is far from a complete list.

I infamously prefer to be called Red, since that is my favorite color, as well as being a conveniently short alias.

I am half-Taiwanese and half-Korean.

With the entrance of 2015, I randomly became obsessed with writing. Don't ask. But now I am trying to blog on Wordpress; read it at


I have played the cello for around 7.5 years. Before starting on the cello, I played piano for two years, and I still enjoy playing sometimes.

I participated in my local youth orchestra for 7 years. With the orchestra group, I've always served at the first stand of cellos in groups of varying age ranges (but seriously, a change of scenery would be nice). I've also gone to Carnegie Hall and had a small Concerto Grosso solo in my second year, and visited LA at the end of my 7th year and played in Disney Hall.

Music, for me, though, extends far past just cello.



I have taken 8 classes with AoPS. The classes I have taken are as follows:

(the list is somewhat incomplete as I struggle to remember who the primary TAs were)

  1. Algebra 1, Jeremy Copeland/Richard Rusczyk, wobster109/joelinia
  2. Introduction to Counting and Probability, Ashley Ahlin, wobster109/joelinia/redcomet46
  3. Introduction to Number Theory, Joshua Zucker, 236factorial/Duelist
  4. Advanced MATHCOUNTS/AMC 8, Michael Nagle, ANieh/flying2828
  5. Algebra 2, Marcus Neal, Anna Smith/AdmireEuler
  6. Introduction to Geometry, Jeremy Copeland, ArianaL/tlcruickshank
  7. Algebra 3, Justin Bae, 5space/brentnicklas
  8. Intermediate Number Theory, Vince Matsko/Achilleas Sinefakopoulos/Dave Patrick, cppB

Math Competitions


2011: 17
2012: 15
2013: 21



Participated individually
Chapter: <score lost>
State: 16-17 or something like that


Participated with a team of 4 from Chapter + 1 individual, participated with a team of 4 at State
Chapter: 25 (32.25 as a team score, 7th place Team, 42nd place individually)
State: 24 (28.75 as a team score, 6th place Team (beating 7th place by 0.25), 41st place individually)


Participated with a team of 4, 5 individuals, and 1 alternate at Chapter; participated with a team of 4 at State (1 individual qualified but did not participate)
Chapter: 38 (49.75 as a team score, 3rd place Team, 15th place individually)
State: 24 (34.50 as a team score, 4th place Team, 25th place individually)

In 2014, I played a large role in coaching the team. I led the club and teaching, as well as the efforts to complete the Gold Level Project.


In 2015, I returned to coach the club again. There were 4 team members and 1 club member who did not participate in the competitions.

The team placed 3rd in the Baltimore/Chesapeake Chapter, and 4th in the Maryland State.

The club achieved Gold Level Status once again, with a pack of homemade games and puzzles.


3rd year of coaching. There were 4 team members and 1 individual who did not qualify out of Chapter.

The team placed 3rd in the Potomac Chapter, and 5th in the Maryland State. One of my Mathletes also placed 1st individually in Chapter, and 2nd individually at State, qualifying for Nationals. She also won State Countdown (doesn't count for anything in MD).

The club achieved Gold Level Status for the third year in a row.

AMCs, AIMEs, and probably not beyond


10A: 120 10B: 103.5

Qualified for AIME with score of 120 on 10A.

AIME: ~3 or something like that, probably less


10A: 96 10B: 105


10A: 108 10B: 82.5

AoPS Projects

To Infinity-And Beyond!-Serving You Your Weekly Dish of Pi

Back in Fall 2011 - Spring 2012, I ran a somewhat organized newsletter with an incredibly cheesy name. It was often abbreviated TIAB, and eventually died due to lack of good material and no time on my part. The remains of the thread lie [viewtopic.php?f=139&t=439206 here].


My first game was mod-abandoned by myself. It was a minigame/kill the other team type game called Alligators and Crocodiles, which initially stemmed from my having accidentally called a TA a crocodile in my first class.

I modded the eleventh installment of the Mole franchise on AoPS two years after the abandonment of A&C. I'm still learning/working on creating better puzzles, but for a second game, it was much better structured than the first.

Starting in July of 2014, I modded the third installment of The Blind Game, titling it Old School, New Gen. Gameplay concluded around 4.5 months after the opening.


Mafia is a guilty pleasure of mine; a happy timesink, an excuse to think hard about stuff that doesn't truly matter in the big picture. Currently, I serve as a IC in the AoPS Mafia forum.


Musings was my second blog. It consisted of (mostly) daily thoughts that run through my mind, other meaningful thoughts, silly things that came up, or other not so meaningful thoughts. As of January 13, 2015, it was discontinued on AoPS, after a long life of approximately 2 years. It was revived on tumblr in June 2015 (x).