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Math101010 joined AoPS on March 7, 2015, shortly after the new community was released. The March 1, 2015 join date in his profile is fake.


Math101010 enjoys doing mathematics very much. Once, he insisted on doing math instead of spending time with this family. Except he's not all that great at math.

School System

He is taking Algebra 2 G/T at his local high school, once a week, after school.


He started the classes Intro to Geometry in March, Intermediate Algebra in June, and AMC 10 problem series in October 2015. He will start Precalculus in April 2016.


In 2015, he scored a rating of 21 in state MATHCOUNTS. He scored a 94.5 in the AMC 10 competition, where he was trolled by the MAA. (2015 AMC 10A Problems/Problem 14)

In 2016, he scored a 115.5 on the AMC 10A and 100.5 on the AMC 10B. He qualified for the AIME through the A contest, where he scored a 5. He still hopes to qualify for National MATHCOUNTS.

Goals in Mathematics

He hopes to complete Calculus before the end of his freshman year at high school. For competitions, he hopes to score at least 126 on the AMC 10 and at least 102 on the AMC 12.


Math101010 also enjoys doing things that are not math-related. He enjoys music, which includes listening to it, as well as playing in the school wind ensemble, on the alto saxophone. Another thing he enjoys doing is being lazy, because that's the only thing he is good at.

See also

2015 AMC 10A Problems/Problem 14

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