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[[User:Onafets|<font color ="#0000FF">Onafets</font>]]
Current status: Not Postbanned :D
Current status: Not Postbanned :D
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Facts about Onafets:
1. Onafets loves centslordm & Gmaas. But he cant decide who is more pr0.
2. Onafets has been postbanned twice now. (And Messaged by Sheriff at least 10 times)
3. Onafets plays brawl stars, now at 14,000 trophies. (but centslordm is at 20,000 so he sad)
4. Onafets rickrolls.
5. Onafets writes facts about himself because he is a lonely boi.
6. Onafets has never taken AMC, MATHCOUNTS, Never played FTW! (if anyone claims I have taken this, they are wrong!)
7. Onafets has a derp blog that died a month ago. Onafets removed the css because he didn't think it was good enough, and now he will never get it back.
8. Onafets is an active participant on cents' blog (won't say name because it keeps changing lol)
9. Onafets is a dog person, but he can tolerate cats >:)

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Current status: Not Postbanned :D

Activity status: Active

PMs: Open

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Nicknames: SK


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