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Math stuff into reality:

AM-GM inequality:

American Motors-General Motors Inequality.

Proof that this is true:

American Motors encompasses Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and Fiat Chrysler. Therefore, American Motors is greater than General Motors. Equality only holds whenever one is describing is Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and other American Motors all the same.


Nissan Cube.

Proof that this is true:

A Nissan Cube is classified as a "box car," the others being the Scion xB, the Honda Element, and the Kia Soul. When looking at them, one can see a similar characteristic: they are all box-like, therefore being a cube.


Artificial Intelligence of Windows ME.

Proof that this is true:

Sometimes, when doing AIME too excessfully, one's brain may crash and freeze, thus causing one unable to do more problems. Windows Millenium Edition, also known as Windows ME, is one of the worst operating systems that freeze, crash, etc. The congruencies are present.

AMC (8):

American Motors Corporation.

Proof that this is true:

Now that I am in 8th grade and above, I cannot do the AMC (8) anymore. Similarly, the AMC has been discontinued; therefore, we cannot buy any AMCs. Therefore, AMC (8) and the American Motors Corporation have congruencies.

And more to come!




Proof that this is false:

The number 9 does exist. But Windows 9 does not; Windows 8.1 does. Therefore, we have a contradiction; 9 does not exist in the Windows operating system but exists in the real world (the main reason why I say "eight point one" rather than "nine" and why I partially have enneaphobia).

And more to come!

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