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Made an Annoying CSS, made a spammy blog, holds title of most contributors
Made an Annoying CSS, made a spammy blog, holds title of most contributors
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SpamPolice™ is a small corporation in Scientest's blog. SpamPol™ is a spam police organization.

SpamPolice™, or SpamPol™, lives up to its name


Foundation and Early History

dantx5: SpamPol™ was originally created in Aug-Sept 2011 to stop an anonymous person in algebra class 497 to somehow prevent that user from rating all posts 1. The original members were the members between sci and sassman inclusive. The user finally got figured out, it was a SpamPol™ members sibling who was doing this. And now, Since class 497 has ended, SpamPol™ has grown bigger and has improved a little, but it would improve a lot if everyone in SpamPol™ was helping to stop spam. SpamPol™ mostly occurs in Scis blog, but rarely, Root01's blog. [note: ytao was not part of the original group]

Blazefang: In truth, there still is a culprit, it wasn't only your little brother, cause there were 2 people, after you said your brother, it wouldn't make sense, you would need 2 to keep your rating lower than it should have been, the 497 spammer is still on the loose. I actually have an idea, maybe he thought rating it one star meant he thought it was "a 1st rate post" which is positive, so he did the opposite on accident, so when everybody was complaining about the rates, he continued, agreeing with them, when he was the culprit, unknowing, cause that's what I did at the very beginning then I found out a few days later that since it goes up and such. i don't know, just a theory.

dantx5: and we stopped them by rating all posts in the forum a 6.

The official start of SpamPol was August 23nd, 2011, but we call it August 19th because that's when inspiration hit us and we started scouting.

In October 2011, Season 1 ended. Season 2 started in December 2011 and reopened in late April 2012. Season 3 started in May and will end around in mid August. Season 4 will start on August 19th, 2012, the first anniversary of SpamPol. The end of the season will probably in December 2012 to February 2013. Season 5 will probably the last season for a while and start in March 2013 and end in late May. Then SpamPol will either die off, or, if enough people want it to continue, Season 6 will start in June 2013.

NAA: This is hilarious. :)

El_: vote for "no": http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=144&t=478068

However, since the first mission, SpamPol has been interfering with the job of a moderator, and has received lots of criticism from others.

MG: spampol ended May 3, 2012

dantx5: yes, spampol lasted for 9 months, because SpamPol was no match for spam itself.

El_: no, actually SpamPol is no match for itself

dantx5: and now this wiki page has disintegrated into spam.

El_: CD anyone?

dantx5: maybe... but remember how you quickly joined my CD and then left almost immediately?

Thkim: Wait what?? This is confusing. Can anyone explain this better?

dantx5: SpamPol is over.


Members of SpamPol:

1. Chief/General of the Armies: Sci and Blazefang (second in command)

2. General of the Army: Root01

3. General: Calculator3000 and dantx5

$\pi.$ Person who like tomatoes and does combinatorics: NAA

4. Lieutenant General: ytao

5. Major General: avaj

6. Brigadier General: kev2010

7. Colonel: sassman

8. Lieutenant Colonel: teddys123

9. Major: ChipDale

10. Captain: mathletepower

11. First Lieutenant: musicnmath

12. Second Lieutenant: in8

13. Sergeant: Daemonheim

14. Corporal: genesis2

15. Specialist: StarWarsLiam

16. Private First Class:

17. Private:

18. Training:

19. Civilian

20. Baby Sitting in a Bathtub!


Sci: "Spam is all over AoPS. SpamPol™'s objective is to prevent spam. We developed a very hi-tech way of giving warning letters, train policemen/women, and even assign missions"

But now Spam Pol has evolved into spam itself. Anyways, the cosine law is cool.

On the Wanted Page

There is a nemesis of SpamPol™, mathgenius64, because of the fact that he has helped prevent stop spam, and stopped people from backseat moderating

Possible Traitors and Enemies


[off the list. Cause: End of SpamPol]


Spammed in the games forum multiple times


Made an Annoying CSS, made a spammy blog, holds title of most contributors


Because I'm editing this now.

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