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If you have found this page, hi!

14 random facts about me

- an aops user since august 24, 2018

- has $2^3\cdot3\cdot11$ friends as of 2/13/21

- likes to read (fav series are harry potter and percy jackson, but likes most fantasy fiction series(non-dystopian, though Maze Runner and Hunger Games are the only exceptions)(not a big fan of science fiction either))

- loves dogs!!

- plays the piano

- accepts almost all friend requests (like 99% of the time)

- favorite number is 3

- a mathcounts and amc 10 participant :D

- is great at $\LaTeX$ but knows zero Asymptote

- has memorized first $21$ digits of $\pi$ ($3.14159265358979323946$) (way to memorize first 9: may I have a large container of coffee?)

- wants to qualify for 2021 AIME! (is currently awaiting results)

- has an alcumus rating of exactly $93.86618963429738$ as of 2/13/21(see for the trick)

- has $0$ red shields, $1$ orange shield, $3$ green shields, and $8$ blue shields in alcumus as of 2/13/21

- has $3491$ problems in alcumus as of 2/13/21

Wiki Contribs

- contributes AMC 10 sols

- fixes $\LaTeX$ on some pages

- contributes to certain concept pages (i.e. Vieta's Formulas)

- For full list of contribs visit

\[\text{that's all folks, now go do some math!}\]