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User Count

If you have not been to this wiki then edit plus 1 on user count! Credits to piphi for HTML code!Thank you!

About Me

ssbgm9002 is an OP chess player aiming to become a grandmaster there user name is also the same on

ssbgm9002 loves to get new avatars! PM him to give avatars!

ssbgm9002 loves snow, foxes, and blue

ssbgm9002 is good at taking photos!

ssbgm9002 loves when people dont troll him on his wiki hint hint

ssbgm9002 wants more avatars!

ssbgm9002 loves to get more friends but first I want you too PM me and if you can gimme a avatar!

ssbgm9002 loves his new wiki!

ssbgm9002 will make a blog soon so be on the lookout