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I lost. Recent mathematical fails:

Mathcounts Nats 20th place (1 point short of CD :() Mathcounts State 2nd place (1 point short of 1st place :() Mathcounts Chapter 3rd place (tied for first, but after tiebreakers, dead >.<) AMC 10A 129 AIME 6 (FOUR STUPID MISTAKES DANNNNNGGG) USAMTS 55 (I WANTED A 60 BUT C&P PROBLEMS KILL ME!!!)

I failed almost all of my goals in 8th grade. =(

My goals: (Hopefully I should not fail more than half of my goals)

AMC 10: Beat or tie bobby shen AMC 12: Beat or tie at least one of the MO big three (max, victor, runpeng), the IL Beasts (arjun, alina, ravi, kevin, kate) or Alan's Big Quad (alan, siddhant, peter, ray) Math Prize for Girls: Win something (money or a trophy or a medal or a plaque) ARML: Make Chicago A USAMTS: Upper bronze or lower silver AIME: 9+ USAMO: Qualify for it, positive score

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