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Tacowizard is an absurdist/satire writer and forum advertiser, usually known for his works Baseball with Superpowers and Why Lemons Are The Best Fruit, on his blog, The Lemon, as well as the citrus fruits advertising campaign. He also attempted a recreation of the Zork series which has a chance of continuing if he decides to stop procrastinating.

He is also a percussionist and a talented writer, a programmer, as well as a philosopher(in a way).

The philosophies of tacowizard are:

Life relies on change(why he write absurdism).

Evolution Requires sacrifice of what was there before.

Reality is always more important than emotions.

Freedom requires everyone to have proper ettique for it to work.

Tacowizard also practices lemonism, which can be found in detail on his blog, and plays Clash Royale and chess.

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