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Proof that Everyone is Pro

Proof by Induction

We start with a pro person, such as rrusczyk. Other people say the pro person is pro. The pro person says “no u” back. The pro person is still pro because the other people say the pro person is pro and pro people say no u even though they are pro. The pro person said “no u” to the other person, so now the other person is pro. The pattern repeats; people say the other person is pro, the other person says “no u,” and then the people become pro. -UnknownMonkey

Proof by UnknownMonkey

(Warning: the next statement may be false) We assume that UnknownMonkey is pro. UnknownMonkey says everyone is pro. Therefore, everyone is pro. -UnknownMonkey

Proof by Capability

Everyone is good at something, or capable of becoming good at something. That means everyone fits my definition of pro. -UnknownMonkey

Feel free to add another proof, with a unique name, and put your username at the end of the proof.

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