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(Major Goals for 8th Grade)
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==Major Goals for 8th Grade==
==Major Goals for 8th Grade==
National Countdown, 144+ AMC 10-yes (144), 132+ AMC 12-no(109.5), 8+ AIME-no (6), 6+ USAMO, 6+ ARML (not going), 60+ USAMTS
National Countdown, 144+ AMC 10A-yes (144), 132+ AMC 12B-no(109.5), 8+ AIME II-no (6), 6+ USAMO, 6+ ARML (not going), 60+ USAMTS
==Minor Goals for 8th grade==
==Minor Goals for 8th grade==

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So. I finally decide to use this page, just to record my failures at math. It'll be sort of a history for me to look back upon. Oh yeah, I'm also adding stuff at the end.

Fourth Grade

My first "actual" math competition was in fourth grade, when I took the MML and scored a 29/30 (surprising, since I thought I had failed).

Fifth Grade

Then, in fifth grade, I took it again (fifth grade contest though) and got a 27/30, which was kind of disappointing. I also took the Gauss contest for seventh graders, which is Canadian, and I got a 134/150. Meh.

Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, I actually started competition math. I got a 17/40 on MMPC Part 1, allowing me to go to Part II, where I failed with a 0, even though my solution for 2b was pretty much the same as the official one. I made the school Mathcounts team, and got 8th at Chapter, where our team came 2nd. At state, I came 22nd and our team came 3rd. I got a 109.5 AMC 10A (all luck) and only like 76.5 10B, ugh.

I did manage to get 40/40 on 6th grade MML and a 150 on the 7th grade Gauss. I also got 38/40 on the Fryer competition (9th grade), another Canadian one, but proof oriented. 27/80 on the COMC though. Yuck. Also got a 142/150 on the 9th grade Canadian Pascal competition, and a 26/42 (since I missed the first round, so not out of 56) on Mandelbrot regional. Oh, and 23/25 on MOEMS, and 23/25 on AMC 8.

Seventth Grade

My 7th grade year , where I moved to Ohio, but still took a lot of the same competitions. I got 24/40 on MMPC Part 1 and 13 on Part 2, giving me 102nd place. I also won Chapter Mathcounts and 4th at state (team came 2nd chapter, 16th state), so I went to Nationals. I got 129 on 10A, 108 on 12B, and an unfortunate 4 on AIME II. I missed Mandelbrot round 5, giving me a 33/70 overall. I got a 24 on MOEMS and 22 on AMC 8.

55/80 on the COMC, 38/40 on Fryer, 144 on Gauss 7. So I scored lower on the AMC 8 and Gauss 7, tied on Fryer, and improved in everything else.

Eighth Grade

This year, I didn't go to ICAE (where I take most of my math competitions) until the Winter session, so I missed a bunch of competitions. I missed MMPC (darn), AMC 8 (who cares?), Mandelbrot round 1 (darn, round 1 was easy), and MOEMS (who cares?). Oh, I also missed COMC, which is bad because I could solve every question besides 4b and 4c. Darn.

So I didn't take very many competitions. Mandelbrot: - 7 11 - - Moems: - 5 - - - USAMTS: 17 TBD 17 dunno (since I only needed like ~10 on round 4, I decided to only do three problems, but made very stupid mistakes on two, so I'll probably miss bronze by a tiny bit)

Mathcounts: 1st chapter written, 1st chapter bracket countdown, 3rd chapter team, 1st state written, 1st state bracket countdown, 9th state team. I'm going to Nats for the second year in a row. Yay.

Major Goals for 8th Grade

National Countdown, 144+ AMC 10A-yes (144), 132+ AMC 12B-no(109.5), 8+ AIME II-no (6), 6+ USAMO, 6+ ARML (not going), 60+ USAMTS

Minor Goals for 8th grade

85+ Euclid (didn't take), 40+ Mandelbrot (taken out due to me unable to take two of the first four rounds), perfect Pascal (didn't take), perfect Fryer (didn't take)

To Do List

Add to the linear congruences part and post euclidean algorithm; some stuff related to proofs. Also figure out where to put diophantine equations. Add FTA, division algorithm (?) to User:Temperal/The Problem Solver's Resource

Write non computation MC problems.

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