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So. I finally decide to use this page, just to record my failures at math. It'll be sort of a history for me to look back upon. Oh yeah, I'm also adding stuff at the end.

Fourth Grade

My first "actual" math competition was in fourth grade, when I took the MML and scored a 29/30 (surprising, since I thought I had failed).

Fifth Grade

Then, in fifth grade, I took it again (fifth grade contest though) and got a 27/30, which was kind of disappointing. I also took the Gauss contest for seventh graders, which is Canadian, and I got a 134/150. Meh.

Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, I actually started competition math. I got a 17/40 on MMPC Part 1, allowing me to go to Part II, where I failed with a 0, even though my solution for 2b was pretty much the same as the official one. I made the school Mathcounts team, and got 8th at Chapter, where our team came 2nd. At state, I came 22nd and our team came 3rd. I got a 109.5 AMC 10A (all luck) and only like 76.5 10B, ugh.

I did manage to get 40/40 on 6th grade MML and a 150 on the 7th grade Gauss. I also got 38/40 on the Fryer competition (9th grade), another Canadian one, but proof oriented. 27/80 on the COMC though. Yuck. Also got a 142/150 on the 9th grade Canadian Pascal competition, and a 26/42 (since I missed the first round, so not out of 56) on Mandelbrot regional. Oh, and 23/25 on MOEMS, and 23/25 on AMC 8.

Seventth Grade

My 7th grade year , where I moved to Ohio, but still took a lot of the same competitions. I got 24/40 on MMPC Part 1 and 13 on Part 2, giving me 102nd place. I also won Chapter Mathcounts and 4th at state (team came 2nd chapter, 16th state), so I went to Nationals. I got 129 on 10A, 108 on 12B, and an unfortunate 4 on AIME II. I missed Mandelbrot round 5, giving me a 33/70 overall. I got a 24 on MOEMS and 22 on AMC 8.

55/80 on the COMC, 38/40 on Fryer, 144 on Gauss 7. So I scored lower on the AMC 8 and Gauss 7, tied on Fryer, and improved in everything else.

Eighth Grade

This year, I didn't go to ICAE (where I take most of my math competitions) until the Winter session, so I missed a bunch of competitions. I missed MMPC (darn), AMC 8 (who cares?), Mandelbrot round 1 (darn, round 1 was easy), and MOEMS (who cares?). Oh, I also missed COMC, which is bad because I could solve every question besides 4b and 4c. Darn.

Bad year for me somewhat, so far. 7/14 on round 2 on Mandelbrot. You know what? I'm not going to say I made stupid mistakes this time. It doesn't matter at all. 17 on USAMTS round 1, expected 17-19 on round 2. Too bad that my solutions were lost and I didn't save a real copy, just a rough draft. I'll have to make it up on rounds 3 and 4. Missed Mandelbrot round 3 as well, along with MOEMS round 3....

Major Goals for 8th Grade

National Countdown, 144+ AMC 10, 132+ AMC 12, 8+ AIME, 6+ USAMO, 6+ ARML, 60+ USAMTS

Minor Goals for 8th grade

85+ Euclid, 40+ Mandelbrot, perfect Pascal, perfect Fryer

The Problem Solver's Resource To Do List

Add to the linear congruences part and post euclidean algorithm; some stuff related to proofs. Also figure out where to put diophantine equations.

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