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About Me

Ytao is a 7th grade Asian boy who is very good (for his age) at math and science. He is also a Pokemon geek.

Blog Currency

See [[1]here] and [[2]here] for details.

Active Games

He has no active games so far.



Ytao likes to play Pokemon. He has a friend who also plays and therefore the two are rivals. Ytao is currently building a better team and is more skilled. (even though said friend is a 9th grader)

He likes to look at to perfect his team and strategies. His team, however, is still human and has several big weaknesses that are somewhat covered.

Weaknesses: (You get 30 GC if you can guess at least half of my team) 1. INFERNAPE (I only have 1 counter, and 67% of my team is weak to it.) 2. GARCHOMP (1 counter, 67% of my team is weak to it) 3. Charizard (LOL if it gets a Belly Drum and a Salac boost I'm dead I have no priority) 4. Wobbufett (like every other offensive team)

Non-threats: (OU only) 1. Celebi (1 weak, 4 resists, 1 non-resist counter) 2. Scizor (Does no damage with Scarf, I outrun with band, have a trapper) 3. Forretress (Same as Scizor) 4. Skarmory (I have a trapper, it is setup fodder)

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