Vestavia Hills High School Math Tournament

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The Vestavia Hills High School Math Tournament is a competition that consists of divisions: Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 2, and Comprehensive sections. The top 15 in each division will receive a beautiful trophy for their hard work. Also, an additional 5 trophies or medals for small schools.

A tournament that has been run for many years, Vestavia is usually the perennial winner. However, each year, more schools from out of Alabama such as Fairview Middle of FL and Rickards, GAC, etc. come to compete. Therefore, the size of the competition has grown the past few years. The tests consist of 25 questions which are worth 4 point each for a correct answer, minus 1 point for an incorrect answer. Ciphering rounds- 4 of them, include 5 questions per round, worth a total of 100 per team possible in points. It is a well-run tournament, even though the tests could be less formula-heavy and oriented.

2006 Winners:

Comprehensive: Seva Tchernov, VHHS, with score of 80

Geometry: Kenneth Liu, VHHS, with score of 100