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Known Facts

Wood2009, the awesome Block about wood (no seriously)

1. Wood2009 is a kid. He likes Aops. EDIt: Of course everybody likes Aops

2. He has 20000000000 problems done. 99 of them are wrong

3. He is not awesome, he is saucesome.

4. He is a devoted worshiper of Gmaas. (Maybe not)

5. His favorite numbers are 36,58,96.

6. His image is a picture of Gmaas cause he doesn't want people to know that he worships Gmaas.

7. He has a lot of friends.

8. He looks like this when he is mad, sad, happy, annoyed, and so on. https://tinyurl.com/yycx3kgs

9. He hates giving up problems on alcumus.

10. He has given up 3 problems.

11. He doesn't flex. He does the opposite ( he fails to flex )

12. His highest rating is 96.32 (flex) REALLY BAD.

13. This was not written by him.

14. He is known to have written some pretty stupid things such as $\phantom{}$

15. He is the one and only penguin in AoPS https://tinyurl.com/yycx3kgs

16. Wood2009 created this page (contradiction)

17. This is his profile https://artofproblemsolving.com/community/user/371845

18. he found this on site support https://thumbs.gfycat.com/MarriedOffbeatDrafthorse-size_restricted.gif

19. Wood2009 likes Latex and Asymptote $\text{WOOD2009}$

20. He is a fail (written by Wood2009)-IS NOT

21. Wood2009 invented the wood rules in Minecraft.

22. He plays Minecraft.

23. He participated in an ARC and got 10.132 oof.

24. The last sentences were written by him.

25. He takes NT precalc and Int al

All hail the fail -by Wood2009


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