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Resolve to Problem Solve: Your New Year's Challenge

This New Year, we’re challenging YOU to Resolve to Problem Solve. We want you to pledge to solve problems with your student for the whole month of January. AoPS have all types of free resources that make it easy!

The 12 Days of X-Math

In the 12 days of X-Math, our four little monsters take on their own holiday preparations at the North Pole. Each day, we reveal a new puzzle — and slice of our seasonal story string. Can you solve all 12 days of our holiday tale? 

Highlights from Math History: Charles Babbage and His Difference Engine

This week marks the 150th anniversary of Charles Babbage's death. One of the pioneers of modern computing, we discuss the math behind his "difference engine".

Highlights from Math History: Giovanni Ceva and His Theorem

For the 374th anniversary of Giovanni Ceva's birth, AoPS curriculum developer David Patrick shows one way to prove Ceva's eponymous theorem.

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