1987 AJHSME Problems/Problem 17


Abby, Bret, Carl, and Dana are seated in a row of four seats numbered #1 to #4. Joe looks at them and says:

"Bret is next to Carl."
"Abby is between Bret and Carl."

However each one of Joe's statements is false. Bret is actually sitting in seat #3. Who is sitting in seat #2?

$\text{(A)}\ \text{Abby} \qquad \text{(B)}\ \text{Bret} \qquad \text{(C)}\ \text{Carl} \qquad \text{(D)}\ \text{Dana} \qquad \text{(E)}\ \text{There is not enough information to be sure.}$


\[\text{-----}\qquad \text{-----} \qquad \text{Bret} \qquad \text{-----}\]

We know that Carl does not sit next to Bret, so he must sit in seat #1. Since Abby is not between Bret and Carl, she must sit in seat #4. Finally, Dana has to take the last seat available, which is #2.


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