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Consider the convex quadrilateral $ABCD$. The point $P$ is in the interior of $ABCD$. The following ratio equalities hold: \[\angle PAD : \angle PBA : \angle DPA = 1 : 2 : 3 = \angle CBP : \angle BAP : \angle BPC.\] Prove that the following three lines meet in a point: the internal bisectors of angles $\angle ADP$ and $\angle PCB$ and the perpendicular bisector of segment $\overline{AB}$.

solution 1

Let the perpendicular bisector of $AP,BP$ meet at point $O$, those two lines meet at $AD,BC$ at $N,M$ respectively.

As the problem states, denote that $\angle{PBC}=\alpha, \angle{BAP}=2\alpha, \angle {BPC}=3\alpha$. We can express another triple with $\beta$ as well. Since the perpendicular line of $BP$ meets $BC$ at point $M$, $BM=MP, \angle {BPM}=\alpha, \angle {PMC}=2\alpha$, which means that points $A,P,M,B$ are concyclic since $\angle{PAB}=\angle{PMC}$

Similarly, points $A,N,P,B$ are concyclic as well, which means five points $A,N,P,M,B$ are concyclic., $ON=OP=OM$

Moreover, since $\angle{CPM}=\angle{CMP}$, $CP=CM$ so the angle bisector if the angle $MCP$ must be the perpendicular line of $MP$, so as the angle bisector of $\angle{ADP}$, which means those three lines must be concurrent at the circumcenter of the circle containing five points $A,N,P,M,B$ as desired

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Solution 2 (Three perpendicular bisectors)

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The essence of the proof is the replacement of the bisectors of angles by the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of the cyclic pentagon.

Let $O$ be the circumcenter of $\triangle ABP, \angle PAD = \alpha, OE$ is the perpendicular bisector of $AP,$ and point $E$ lies on $AD.$ Then

\[\angle APE = \alpha,  \angle PEA = \pi - 2\alpha, \angle ABP = 2\alpha \implies\] $\hspace{33mm} ABPE$ is cyclic. \[\angle PED = 2\alpha = \angle DPE \implies\] the bisector of the $\angle ADP$ is the perpendicular bisector of the side $EP$ of the cyclic $ABPE$ that passes through the center $O.$

A similar reasoning can be done for $OF,$ the perpendicular bisector of $BP.$

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https://youtu.be/bDHtM1wijbY [Shorter solution, video covers all day 1 problems]

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