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Rectangles $BCC_1B_2,$ $CAA_1C_2,$ and $ABB_1A_2$ are erected outside an acute triangle $ABC.$ Suppose that\[\angle BC_1C+\angle CA_1A+\angle AB_1B=180^{\circ}.\]Prove that lines $B_1C_2,$ $C_1A_2,$ and $A_1B_2$ are concurrent.


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We first claim that the three circles $(BCC_1B_2),$ $(CAA_1C_2),$ and $(ABB_1A_2)$ share a common intersection.

Let the second intersection of $(BCC_1B_2)$ and $(ABB_1A_2)$ be $X$. Then \begin{align*} \angle AXC &= 360^\circ - \angle BXA - \angle CXB \\ &= 360^\circ - (180^\circ - \angle AB_1B + 180^\circ - \angle BC_1C) \\& = 180^\circ - \angle CA_1A, \end{align*} which implies that $AA_1C_2CX$ is cyclic as desired.

Now we show that $X$ is the intersection of $B_1C_2,$ $C_1A_2,$ and $A_1B_2.$ Note that $\angle C_1XB = \angle BXA_2 = 90^\circ,$ so $A_2, X, C_1$ are collinear. Similarly, $B_1, X, C_2$ and $A_1, X, B_2$ are collinear, so the three lines concur and we are done.

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