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A category groups together various related articles. The category page itself is a page where all articles with that similar theme are listed. An example is Category:Stubs. All articles that contain [[Category:Stub]] formatting will be in this category (notice that {{stub}} automatically includes that category).

To directly add a page to a category, use the [[Category:Insert Category]] code. This page, for example, displays the [[Category:AoPSWiki]] code at the bottom.

To fix the alphabetization scheme on the category page, you can pipe a category. For example, [[Category:Mathematicians|Descartes, Rene]] will place Rene Descartes under D, not R.

Before creating a new category, be sure to check that such a category has not been created before (see the list below). It is possible to have a tree of categories; for example, we could have Category:Non-Euclidean geometry be a subcategory of Category:Geometry. In these cases, the specific category should be used.

Problem Categories

List of Categories

Here is the official list of categories.

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